Getting the windows tinted on your vehicle is the single most inexpensive way to dramatically change the entire look of your vehicle. When it comes to getting your vehicle tinted, The Tint Shop knows what it takes to make the window film on your car look great and last. Offering the latest in 3M Automotive Window Films, including our top selling 3M Color Stable Film, your vehicle will look great for many years.

With over 25 years of experience in Automotive Tinting, we pride ourselves in being the ONLY installers in Lincoln that continues to hand cut our patterns for a precise closer to factory finish. Competitors may use “pre-cut” or “computer cut” patterns, which never fit correctly, or give you an unsightly uneven gap at the top of your windows.

To ensure optimal results, we take steps to ensure a cleaner finished product. Our facility is clean and designed to achieve the best results for window film installation, along with a few extras like filtered water for our installs, and no harsh detergents or chemicals used in our installation process. Simply put…we ARE the BEST, period.

The Tint Shop proudly installs 3M Ventureshield Paint Protection film on vehicles. Paint Protection Film is designed to be applied anywhere on your vehicle you want to protect from rock chips, bug stains, scratches, etc… This is a tedious process and does require training and experience to achieve great results. The Tint Shop has been trained in this process and stays up to date on all vehicles and installation techniques. 3Ms Ventureshield Films are warrantied for 5 years.