First of all…Yes. We tint windows. Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, Boats, Tractors, RV’s, Utility Vehicles, Homes, Buildings, etc.. If its glass, we can tint it.

The film is cut and formed on the outside of the vehicle, then installed on the inside. That way there are never any blades or heat used on or near the interior upholstery of the vehicle.

Yes. We generally will call a day or two before your appointment to confirm. If we do not get an answer, and are able to, we will leave a message. We do expect call back to confirm the appointment. Having a vehicle not show leaves a massive hole in our day and costs us time and missed revenue.

Absolutely, and you should. It will protect the interior from fading and aging in case you decide to buy the vehicle once the lease is over. Dealerships will sell tint packages on leased vehicles every time. It’s part of a Protection Package usually.

Generally, dealerships will sell tint package. Problem with most dealerships is they will send the vehicle to the cheapest place that can do it the fastest, which usually means a sacrifice in quality and workmanship. If you do, makes sure you know where it is being taken, how much you are paying, and that you will receive a Film Manufacturer’s Warranty.

100% Yes! Costs vary, and if you have a back window equipped with rear defrost, there are special procedures and precautions we have to take to insure that we do not damage the rear defrost. Call for estimates.

Yes. Every State has different laws. You can call us and find out most current Tinting regulations. Nebraska’s Tint Law is 35% net on front doors and 20% net on everything behind the front doors. There are medical exemptions as well.

No. The only thing cold temperatures will affect is curing time. We do vehicles throughout the entire Winter, even during zero below temps, snow, and ice.

In Nebraska, the legal limit on windshields is either a 70% film or lighter on the entire windshield, or a strip at the top down to the AS-1 line or 6.5”.

This is a two part answer.

First, cars will NEVER have factory tint, or what is referred to as Privacy Glass. Only trucks, SUVs, vans, and some crossover’s, will have privacy glass on the rear of the vehicle. The darkness of the glass is typically the same across all vehicle manufacturers,
with the exception of a few European makers. Privacy Glass is always right around 20%, which is the legal limit on the rear of vehicles in Nebraska. A lot of consumers know that, but what most people don’t know is that Privacy Glass has NO SOLAR PROPERTIES. It does not block any UV and minimal to no heat reduction. It is strictly for light or glare reduction and privacy.

Secondly, to keep your vehicle Nebraska State legal, you can only tint the front doors at a 35% darkness. We carry films that will match the color of the Privacy Glass as close as possible, but there is no Perfect match anywhere because of the nature of the two different “tints”. The Privacy Glass is essentially just pigmented or “colored” glass, that is added when the glass is made. The tint we install is a Film that is applied to clear factory glass. A lot of the time the natural color of the glass combines with the aftermarket film and you end up with an off black color. Sometimes green, blue, grey, etc… Natural clear glass will always have a color to it, usually green. Our 3M Color Stable film is the only film on the market that will give you a near exact match to factory privacy glass but will still be lighter on the front doors to keep your vehicle legal.

An average car takes roughly 2- 2 ½ hours on average from start to finish, uninterrupted. We however, like to keep vehicles for a minimum of 4 hours. Sometimes we do fall behind or struggle with certain vehicles, or we encounter scheduling conflicts like vehicles showing up late, and other unforeseen issues. We understand that sometimes it’s hard to find a ride to and from getting your vehicle done. We do have a clean, comfortable waiting room with WiFi, TV and complimentary drinks, and because of our convenient location there are numerous places to either walk to or be dropped off at. To simplify the answer, plan on dropping, and leaving your vehicle with us for a minimum of 4 hours. We generally will call the customer when the vehicle is finished, however. If there is a certain time you need the vehicle by, we do everything we can to make that happen.

Is it necessary, No. But, since we do work on the outside and inside of the vehicle, the cleaner the vehicle the better the results will be. Please be aware that if your car is unusually dirty, dusty, or has a great amount of animal hair on the inside, this will affect the quality of the install. Window Film is a very static electrically charged material, which is part of the reason water is used. But even water can’t stop all static electricity.

That static can draw hair and small particles of dust to the film. So, does the vehicle need to be spotless to achieve maximum quality installation? No. But it also helps if it’s not covered in mud on the outside and full of animal hair, dust, and dirt on the inside.

Practically anywhere you have paint or a surface you want to protect from scratching, fading, chipping, or wearing. It does have it’s limitations as far as wrapping around sharp corners and compound curves. Our 3M Trained and Certified Installers can tell you exactly where it can and can’t be applied and expected to last.

On most colors the film is completely invisible. Obviously dark colors are going to show ANYTHING, so darker colors will show the edge of the material a little more than lighter colors.

Also, any imperfections in the paint will be more noticeable with the film applied over it. This material does have the smoothest finish topcoat of any material on the market. No “orange peel” appearance, no adhesive texture, and the film will not distort or change your paint color. (except on very few pearlescent white colors)

Ideally you would want the film applied as soon as you take ownership of the vehicle and drive it off the lot. But waiting a few weeks will not affect anything other than the possibility of rock chips or bug stains. This is a big sell for new car dealers that will use a scare tactic to sell you on their lowend paint film. But, like with window film, you will pay 3 times what you would if you did it after the sale at a professional shop of your choice. And the dealerships always send their vehicles to any place that can do it the fastest and the cheapest.

Yes, in fact it is highly recommended for headlights these days because of the replacement costs. 3M Scotchgard Pro paint protection film will not only stop chips, cracks, and scratches, but because the film blocks 99% of damaging UV, it will keep the headlights from yellowing and fogging.