Creativity and design knowledge, can allow us to help with literally ANY issue you may be having with the windows in your Home The Tint Shop not only has the knowledge of films, but is well trained in Architectural Glass as well.

3M has technologies beyond that of any window film manufacturer and therefore has superior products including:

  • 3M Prestige line of window films, which are made up of 224 layers, but designed to be optically clear and absorb 60%-70% of Solar Heat entering a window keeping your home cool in summer.
  • 3M Fasara Line of window films, offers a decorative solution for any situation you may have where obscuring vision but not losing natural light is necessary.
  • 3Ms Line of Safety and Security Films is the most advanced and strongest on the market. 3M can achieve the same strength of a competitors Safety Film, with half the thickness due to 3Ms patented micro weaving (or micro layering) technology.
  • 3Ms attachment systems IPA or IPP films can slow down intruders, and provide safety from flying glass in storms.
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